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z-Pares version 0.9.5 Users Guide

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2. Getting started

1. Introduction

z-Pares is a package for solving generalized eigenvalue problems

\[A \boldsymbol{x} = \lambda B \boldsymbol{x},\]

where \(A\) and \(B\) are real or complex square matrices , and \(\lambda\) and \(\boldsymbol{x}\) are an eigenvalue and an eigenvector, respectively. z-Pares is designed to compute a few eigenvalues and eigenvectors of sparse matrices. The symmetries and definitenesses of the matrices can be exploited suitably. z-Pares implements a complex moment based contour integral eigensolver. z-Pares computes eigenvalues inside a user-specified contour path and corresponding eigenvectors. The most important feature of z-Pares is two-level Message Passing Interface (MPI) distributed parallelism.

1.1. Features

The main features of z-Pares are described below.

  • Implemented in Fortran 90/95
  • Solves standard eigenvalue problems \(A \boldsymbol{x} = \lambda \boldsymbol{x}\) and generalized eigenvalue problems \(A \boldsymbol{x} = \lambda B \boldsymbol{x}\)
  • Computes eigenvalues located in an interval or a circle and corresponding (right) eigenvectors
  • Both real and complex type are supported
  • Single precision and double precision are supported
  • Both sequatial and distributed parellel MPI builds are available
  • Two-level distributed parallelism can be utilized using a pair of MPI communicators
  • Reverse communication mechanism is used so that the package accept any matrix data structures
  • Interfaces for dense and sparse CSR format are available (only with 1-level distributed parallelism)

1.2. Dependences

z-Pares depends on follwing packages:

  • Message Passing Interface (MPI-2 standard)
  • MUMPS 4.10.0 (optional)

BLAS/LAPACK should be installed and MPI is needed for the parallel version of z-Pares. MUMPS is required to use the sparse CSR interface.